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The Country Home Offers Individualized Memory Care!

Most caregivers for a loved one with advancing memory care needs, face “36 Hour Days,” stress, anxiety, exhaustion, frustration. Their physical and emotional health usually suffers; their relationships with other family members and friends often get neglected. If this sounds like your situation, we understand. You need relief. You need a break. The Country Home offers you both short and long-term solutions!

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Not An Institution...A Home!

With a capacity for only 38 residents, The Country Home is small enough to ensure individualized memory care, 24/7, but large enough to offer your loved one a variety of senior companions. We truly offer a family home environment--the management team has over 54 years collective experience at The Country Home!Read more.


The Country Home for Seniors sits in a quiet residential neighborhood yet is easily accessible from all major highways.Read more.


The Country Home offers personalized, professional care 24/7, at a fixed fee that is usually 30, 40, or even 50% less than you could...Read more.


We offer a full range of physically, mentally and socially stimulating activities daily. We offer CHOICE as much as possible.Read more.


Many memory care patients develop a tendency to explore their surroundings and wander, dangerously.Read more.

Licensed & Monitored by the State

The Country Home for Seniors is licensed by the NJ Department of Community Affairs. Like the local authorities, the State regularly inspects The Country Home for safety and other regulatory compliance.


My father, who’s 91 with dementia, is happy at the Country Home. He’s very clean and very well fed. He interacts with staff and other residents. What more could I want? If I wasn’t satisfied, he’d be out of there. He was at another, larger place, and stayed there only a month and a half. They couldn’t handle his wandering. Overall, the Country Home is excellent. – Cathy T.

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