If seniors might enjoy it, they can probably do it at The Country Home!

Here comes a strike!

One secondary reason a senior moves to The Country Home is to enjoy valuable social and physical activities they lack in their current setting. Residents often move from isolation, lethargy, inactivity even long-term depression to a vibrant, diversified, mentally and physically stimulating environment where they look forward to each day. There is a definite correlation between mental and physical activity and overall health. At the Country Home, residents don’t sleep excessively or sit in front of a TV for hours. We balance quiet, restful times with individual, small and large group activities, in a safe, supportive environment with constant supervision. The therapeutic impact of this combined social, mental and physical activity, can’t be overestimated. This activity, combined with good nutrition and regular health monitoring and medical care goes a long way to helping your loved one enjoy MORE GOOD DAYS! In other words, our goal is to enhance the QUALITY OF LIFE for your loved one, despite their changing condition.


Five points!Prior to admission, we gather information on the individual’s personal background and preferences so we know which activities he or she will most enjoy and which to avoid. (“He still loves woodworking…” or “Anything competitive makes her very agitated.”) If he or she still enjoys a favorite hobby, we encourage them to pursue that. We give the residents choices as much as possible, as their abilities and interests vary. “You don’t want to go to the music program? How about playing cards with Peggy? She needs a partner?”

Our activities program is designed and monitored by a Certified Activities Professional with many years experience working with seniors, especially those with memory impairment or advancing memory care needs.