The Country Home has been a saving grace! Jen Allen is extremely welcoming and has been a godsend in our transition. Thank you!

Ronnie R.


Dear Country Home Staff Member,

Thank you for your compassionate care over the past year. It has been a difficult year and your compassion, optimism, and kindness does not go unnoticed. We know that you make a difference to our mom, Frances Pignaloso. Because of you she feels safe and less anxious. We appreciate and thank you so very much for all you do to make Frances feel secure and comfortable.

May you be blessed for your dedication and service.

Kindest Regards,
Frances Pignaloso and her family


Dear Soledad & Edgar,

My sister, Anna, and I thank you for the care you have given our Dad over the past year. You made him feel very comfortable at the Country Home. He would always tell us that we was being well taken care of and had plenty to eat.

We will always be grateful for the respect, kindness and friendship you gave him. May your compassion for care continue and your good deeds be rewarded. May God bless you both.

Kindest Regards,
Frank L.


My father, who’s 91 with dementia, is happy at the Country Home. He’s very clean and very well fed. He interacts with staff and other residents. What more could I want? If I wasn’t satisfied, he’d be out of there. He was at another, larger place, and stayed there only a month and a half. They couldn’t handle his wandering. Overall, the Country Home is excellent.

Cathy T.


My father stayed at the Country Home for almost 9 years. He needed supervision and couldn’t be left alone.

He was in another, larger place for a while but I was uneasy, always concerned… In a big place they are more like a room number, than an individual person. They don’t get the individual attention my father got at the Country Home. I never lost sleep, worried. They’d call me immediately if anything ever came up and they let me stay involved in his care as much as I wanted, since I visited daily, and live just around the corner.

Residents at the Country Home become part of the family and get extraordinary care. The staff members are the most caring, compassionate people I’ve met–Nina, Sol, everyone–they are angels. My father was in the best hands ever.

I don’t know what I would have done without the Country Home–and that’s a most appropriate name, “HOME,” as the residents become part of the family, in a family home.

I recommend the Country Home whenever I meet someone struggling with the decision of how to find the best place for their parent.

Charlotte D.


My mother-in-law spent over three years at The Country Home. She faced depression, immobility due to obesity, and incontinence. Living alone at home, she was unable to correctly take her medications. The staff at The Country Home took control of her meds on Day One and got it right. She got her energy back and would dress well and wear her jewelry again. She made friends and got out of her depression. She really thrived there. She sat on the front porch and felt like she was in the country, after living in a city. She always got three squares a day and didn’t live on Oreo cookies as she did at home. The Country Home isn’t a fancy place, but a very ‘homey’ place, with great people. They took a real load off us as we just couldn’t handle her anymore when she was on her own. Sol and Edgar are real gems…Nina and Ralph are just dolls, and easy to do business with – no hanky-panky stuff with bills or unexpected costs. We have recommended The Country Home to many other families in our Glacier Hills section of Parsippany.

Wendy P.

>Family and staff support go hand-in-hand